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How can you retain students that physically leave your school?

The harsh reality for language schools is that once a student is leaving back to his home country


a valuable customer is being lost.

How can you as a school avoid facing this loss of money?

One integrated learning system for schools.

1) One Integrated School System

By having one integrated school software system, no additional efforts have to be made from the student and school side after the student has left the country.

The student already started to familiarize her- or himself with the software before arrival at the school and has gone through the placement test to evaluate levels.

During the time at the school, the student is using the software for blended learning and is receiving his or her homework inside your branded application. The teacher, in turn, can see a student's progress and evaluate the student to ensure an optimal learning curve.

Once leaving the country, the process continues with the only exception being: classes are now online inside the same integrated system that has been used before.

Lasting Student-Teacher Relationship

2) Lasting Student-Teacher Relationship

Building a relationship with people takes time and effort. Once a student and teacher have spent time getting to know each other as a person and adjusted their teaching and learning style during the long class hours at the school. The time building this relationship would simply go to waste if not leveraged on once the stay of the student in the country has come to its end.

With integrated software, you can guarantee a smooth transitioning from the on-site training to online teaching and the student can continue to have classes with the teacher she or he is used to. By using the above mentioned integrated school software, the student does not have to adjust any new processes in terms of notetaking, homework, class booking and so forth which makes it easy and without any barrier.

3) Continuing Curriculum

Sticking with a person is one thing - but sticking to the learning journey you have committed to is another.

The content and notes you have been learning during the student's stay abroad is being amassed in your platform, so the review will always happen there. Furthermore, the curriculum a student started to learn can be continued just as if the student would stay in the country.

One system, one teacher, one curriculum.

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