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Francis from foreign tech firm:


What is the 15-Days-Mandarin-Challenge?

​Learn Mandarin in 15 days is a challenge to learn how to speak about a specific topic in Chinese within 15 days. (i.e pitch your startup in Chinese).

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German Engineer Francis Kremer

Who is Francis Kremer?

"I have always been at the interface between technology firms and their global customers. I followed my long-time dream of living and working in China in 2016. Since then, I have continued my lifelong passion and get more and more used to Chinese customers, partners, and teams. My Chinese is getting better every day as well - hard to imagine going back to my home country Germany after this experience. Let's enjoy the day - I love it!"

Personal Challenge

Pre-Challenge Pitch in English

In the next 15 days, Francis had 10 online lessons of 15 minutes in the APP, with daily reviews of the content of the lessons...

Post-Challenge Pitch in Chinese

Why are you learning Chinese?

"I want to completely grow into the Chinese market. I will always be working in an international field with international employers and customers. English is completely fine most of the time. However, I would prefer that meetings can take place in Chinese when I am the only foreigner in the room. This also allows me a much better understanding of Chinese culture.

In the future, I am quite sure that Chinese will also be a more important requirement in the job market. My business education and professional working experience is still my most important asset, but speaking Chinese clearly allows me to join local organizations that are not organized around expats, a big challenge to most foreigners."

What did you learn in and by your personal challenge?

"I have been working in Sales for many years and can explain my experience very well in English but in Chinese? Therefore, I picked this topic for my challenge: Choosing the best Sales approach to market your product and service. I tried a long time to find the right words and then took two weeks to master them. By now I feel comfortable to talk about this with customers, partners and colleagues without any preparation - in Chinese. Feels great"

How was your experience of the challenge?

"I must say that I have never taken so much time every day of the week to repeat my vocabulary. The pressure really does help to dedicate more training time and concentrate on the outcome. The real benefit, however, goes back to the combination of preparation, learning, technology, and practice. I first wrote my whole script in English. My teacher then translated it to Chinese and build a series of sentences which I would have to master. She then built a video for each sentence allowing me to learn them one by one. In the next two weeks, I would sit down every day to repeat the whole content and get better every day. When I finally recorded my speech in Chinese, it was a big step forward and I hardly needed to read from my script."

Nominate 3 friends to take the challenge.

  • Michael Hackl

  • Karoly Szalai

  • Harald Dumhart

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