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Chinese Coach: Speak Chinese fluently in 1 year!

Speak Chinese fluently in 1 year, is it possible for beginners?

Speak Chinese fluently in 1 year, is it possible for beginners?

As long as you select right methodology, it’s definitely possible !

Methodology of Chinese Coach program was created by a German professional Francis Kremer who learned speak Chinese fluently in 1 year successfully .

As a professional Chinese teacher, I realized the value of Francis’s word list immidiately when I saw it.

With other teachers’ help, we improved the word list with 500 most used Chinese words, includes nouns, verbs, adjectives, grammar.

How to use the 500 words to learn Chinese in 1 year?

Basically you can achieve this goal in 32weeks, 7.5 months if you follow your coach's guide and work hard.

Who are these coaches?

​Our Chinese coaches are experienced native Chinese teachers, skilled in using our cutting-edge technology - platform to teach Chinese.

If you decide to take on this challenge, we'll recommend a personal Chinese coach to you.

What is App? is an AI-powered Chinese learning platform where you can find professional Chinese teachers and get AI-generated, personalized studying materials.

If you've never tried video lessons with, your personal coach will explain its main features to you in a 15mins free trial lesson.

where can I download this App?

Andorid users: search'' in play store

IOS users: search'' in Apple store

apk for Android users(copy and paste this link on your browser to download apk)

How to use the vocabulary list?

Here is an example.

A student selects 5 words on the list based on this sentence in English,'There are many smart people.' and creates this Chinese sentence: ‘这里有很多聪明人。’

Put the English and Chinese sentence in excel sheet ‘sentences’.

Here is some rules you need to know:

Each week you have to tag at least 10 new words and create at least 7sentences.

You need to send the words and sentences to your coach in advance.

Your coach will make the correction for you during video call.

All the words the teacher uses need to be from the word list.

Remember, no pain, no gain. The teacher is your personal coach, and other learning tools are your fitness facilities. Whether you could master Chinese in 1 year also depends on your hard work, just like people who want good shape need to work super hard in the gym.

Make sure you are ready for this challenge before you contact us. You’ll have the best technology supported Chinese teachers as your back up .

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the Chinese Coach project manager William王老师.

If you want to take on this challenge, contact William王老师!

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