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Arnaud from SuJian 速剑:


What is the 15-Days-Mandarin-Challenge?

​Learn Mandarin in 15 days is a challenge to learn how to speak about a specific topic in Chinese within 15 days. (i.e pitch your startup in Chinese).

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Arnaud Baernhoft from SuJian 速剑

Who is Arnaud Baernhoft?

Arnaud Baernhoft is Founder and CEO of SuJian, a Shanghai-based immersive media company that provides world-class VR / AR / MR experiences. He has worked for some of Britains leading creative companies, such as AlchemyVR, VisualiseVR, Happy Finish, and REWIND and has provided global brands and agencies with a top of the line experiences that combine the worlds most advanced technologies. His clients include Honeywell, Microsoft, Red Bull, Google, Hyundai, Lufthansa, British EE, Vodafone, Samsung, Lamborghini, Glenfiddich, Hyundai and many more. He recently moved to Shanghai from London to join China as a global leader in immersive media.

Personal Challenge

Pre-Challenge Pitch in English

In the next 15 days, Arnaud had 10 online lessons of 15 minutes in the APP, with daily reviews of the content of the lessons...

Post-Challenge Pitch in Chinese

Why are you learning Chinese?

"I recently moved to China to set up a company here, I am keen to connect with local businesses and expand my clients on this side of the world, therefore I would like to be able to do business in Chinese.

Also, I feel that to truly live in any country you need to understand the culture, and learning the language lets you do that. Plus it's a challenge, and who doesn't like a good challenge that's both practical and beautiful."

What did you learn in and by your personal challenge?

"The challenge taught me that learning long sentences by heart at first gives you a great way to instantly remember key words during any relevant conversation. I have already been using many of the words of my challenge to explain my work in meetings.

I also didn't feel like I needed to focus too much of remembering the entire paragraphs, just what they meant to me and the key words that I didn't know beforehand. Not only do I know some important words for my industry, but also correct structure for complex sentences.

I was also reminded how important tones are and we all need to focus on these at all times. I use sign language to draw the tones while I rehearse, it helps me visualise them and make sure I am applying them during my exercises."

How was your experience of the challenge?

"My experience was good, I love these kinds of things. I am extremely busy at the moment but this reminds me that we can also do more and push ourselves a little bit further. It's mind over matter. It's equally a great way to have a point of focus each day, something fun but also hard to do, it helps take the focus of work and stretch the mind on something else.  After all the mind is a muscle, and just like any muscle a single type of exercise isn't good enough. We need variety."

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