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5 Best Practices to Convince Chinese Investors

1 Use a Bilingual Presentation

A bilingual presentation (English + Mandarin) will keep all parties engaged during your pitch, as people can follow no matter if you are presenting in English or Chinese.

Example for Bilingual Slide

Example Bilingual Slide

2 Have an Engaging Opening in Chinese

When starting off, immediately catch your audience by starting off in Mandarin. This will delight the Chinese speakers in the audience and surprise some foreigners!

3 Know your Keywords in Chinese

You do not have to present fully in Mandarin, but if you can say at least your keywords in Chinese it will show you are an expert of your topic.

4 Finish off with Simple Mandarin

To make an impression that lasts, finish your presentation with a friendly invitation to link up afterward or further discussion - in Mandarin!

Last (bilingual) slide to stay in everyone's memory

Example finisher slide- present it in Mandarin!

5 Follow-Up with a Bilingual Business Card + Business Intro in Chinese

After finishing your presentation be prepared to exchange your Chinese business card and to add potential investors on WeChat.

To really delight an investor, make him remember you and communication as easy as possible, share a short company introduction including your phone number like in the following way:

Short company introduction and contact information.

Short company introduction and contact information.


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