• How we’re shaping the world of education

    … one learner at a time.

  • We use AI to reshape and enhance the human interaction which is at the core of language learning — Backed by Microsoft e Amazon Web Services accelerators, Edugo.AI is the first EdTech company specializing in intelligent adaptive language education in China and expanding worldwide.

    Headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in China and in Italy, we have developed an advanced system which leverages artificial intelligence and a set of NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms to improve and accelerate the second language learning process and advance educational institutions.

    Our growing team comes from 3 continents and is made of serial entrepreneurs, former experts and developers from tech giants including Alibaba Group and Apple Developer Academy, data scientists, academics, Harvard Business School graduates, and Forbes 30 Under 30.

    Our award-winning technology has been backed by Microsoft e Amazon Web Services accelerators, has received institutional recognitions and financial grants by both, the Italian and the Chinese Governments, and we have also been awarded as the Top-1 Italian company in the field of Artificial Intelligence within the intergovernmental program on science and technology between China and Italy.

    At Edugo.AI we believe that innovation happens in cooperation. That’s why we keep forging alliances and synergies with university members and researchers, with the aim to develop knowledge and enhance our mutual value. We are currently cooperating with the two prestigious Italian universities of Catania and Trieste.

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